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The East Texas Mobile Coffee and Espresso Bar.

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A bit about coffee catering:

What is coffee catering? It's like food catering, except instead of serving dinner, we are serving made to order hot and cold coffee shop drinks. It's a mobile 6' long espresso bar carrying a double group head espresso machine and a commercial grade espresso grinder, complete with cups and syrups. It's capable of serving lattes, americanos, cappuccinos, caramel macchiatos, hot or iced, hot cocoa, tea, chai lattes, and italian sodas.

Coffee catering is a unique and much appreciated treat, that people will not expect to be spoiled with. Imagine walking into your break room, a friend's wedding, or a party, and ordering the same drink you would at your favorite coffee shop. It's just that special.

Our Packages:

Basic Coffee Bar:

Comes with 3 coffee urns, cream, sugar, cups, stirrers, and napkins.

  • 1 barista
  • 10-75 people
  • 1 hour minimum

Hot Chocolate Bar:

Comes with 3 hot chocolate urns, whipped cream, drizzles, sprinkles, cups, stirrers, and napkins.

  • 1 barista
  • 10-75 people
  • 1 hour minimum

The Mini Bar:

The 4' version of our popular coffee bar with an additional barista. Perfect for small gatherings and events.

  • 2 baristas
  • 15-100 people
  • 1 hour minimum

The Full Bar:

The 6' version of our popular coffee bar with an additional barista or two. Perfect for medium-sized events.

  • 2-3 baristas
  • 50-225 people
  • 2 hour minimum

The Cadillac:

Includes both the 4' and 6' coffee bars with several baristas. Perfect for large events.

  • 3-5 baristas
  • 200-325 people
  • 2 hour minimum

Add ons:

  • Custom labeled coffee packs and party favors.
  • Mixed drinks, like espresso martinis, white russians, irish coffee, and caffe correttos.
  • Custom sleeves and napkins.
  • Unlock specialty menu items, like size options, syrups, and milks.
  • Combining packages. For example: Combine the coffee and hot chocolate bar.

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About us:

Hello! My name is Lydia and I have been a barista for 9 consecutive years. I started at a local coffee shop in 2011 and then moved to the corporate coffee world in 2014. I started my business in 2018 and got hired on at a coffee roaster here in Tyler, TX. Working at a coffee roaster has allowed me to expand my knowledge of coffee ten fold. I have learned all about the business side, the culture, harvest schedules, roast profiles, latte art, you name it! My husband, Tim, is extremely supportive and frequently accompanies me on many of my gigs, but he is a full time plumber and works for a company here in the Tyler area. We live on the North side of Tyler along with our two dogs, Lucy and Polly.

Where did we come up with the name Caffé Corretto? I was looking for a good business name one day, while trying to bear in mind that I would be mixing coffee and liquor together. I started scrolling through traditional coffee drinks and found the "Caffé Corretto" and knew it embodied exactly what I had in mind. A "Caffé Corretto" is actually the name of an Italian drink. It combines a double shot of espresso with a shot of grappa, which is a grape based brandy. When I tell people the name of my business I usually will tagline it with, "Two f's, two r's, two t's, and an o.".

About Us: Caffe Corretto Catering